Need a graphic designer to setup your book with a catchy cover? Work with me!

I do all the graphic work on both text and cover, so your book will be delicate to hold in your hand, to look at and to read. My ambition is for you to be pleased also in 10 years.

I provide the graphic files so that your books can be printed by yours favorite printing service.

You can also self-publish via Print on Demand (POD) platforms, such as Ingram Spark (IS). The advantage is that you do not tie your money in an expensive storage that you not even know if will sell. With the right strategy, POD is your access to strong global exposure, into markets you would not otherwise be able to reach.

If you are the prolific author and want to sell global, you should know that at KAJE we are experts on both technical strategies and project management in teams.

There is a lot you can do even before the book is finished. Twelve months before your desired book release is not too early to start, contact me and hear why.

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Alliance of Independent Authors

Is your Book Branding blurry and without edge nor catchy hook? Work with me!


Whatever you try selling, bicycles or writing books, your marketing needs to be simple and easy to identify. You can help your books well on their way, with an author profile if your book is not yet completed. You can share your upcoming book with the press, agents, etc. even with just the profile in place.

Get a design guide to help you maintain the style of your brand and write eye catching hooks. As a writer, you need to be easily recognizable both with  Personal Branding and with  book titles within your genre.

There are many readers out there, so your message needs to be clear. Did you know that there is also good income on lending from libraries?

Should you write a book even if you're not going to be a writer? Definitely YES! Write and tell the story behind your business. It can be a good strategy in your marketing!

You need to reach your favorite customers and they need to be able to find you online, so your texts and KEYWORDS are the most important tools.


MIND MEISTER & MEISTER TASK are our preferred tools for planning and project management. Have a look - CLICK:

Having Computer, clients  and email in your Biz? You'll need IT and GDPR strategies!


Did you know that small businesses are also fined for not complying with GDPR? Can you meet the requirements and also document it? With online digital communication, we need IT strategies and systematic planning to stay on top of things.

Is your website compliant to good practice within SEO? A website is part of branding your company, but did you know that it also technically must meet at least 15 of the first 200 algorithms Google has specified in their search engines? Otherwise, the site will rank poorly, and not even expensively paid ads will give any new customers.

If your online platforms are compliant to the applicable algorithms and your digital online work is aligned (chosen Hosting Partners, updated WP plugins, emails, backups, etc.) then you can get far doing Organic Marketing. We are happy to provide strategies and tools that cover most topics.

IT security starts with something as simple as the quality of your passwords and email hosting! You're always welcome to talk.


Are you in control of your passwords with at length of least 16 characters and not used multiple places? We use StickyPassword. Have a look - CLICK: