Are you an author and want to publish your books yourself? Let me help you!

I do all the graphic work around the book so that it can be printed as physical books on paper and published as E book, Kindle etc. At the same time, I focus on your marketing, ISBN and #Themes -no matter what market and language you publish.

I work with POD platforms like IngramSpark, BookOnDemand and others. and of course also your favorite Print House.

I use my DESIGN model to ensure you get a solution you'll be happy about for a long time to come.

My intuition provides a clear understanding of you and your wishes. Many of the ideas that comes to me we use to optimize your brand in your marketing.

It's recomended to start up 12 months ahead of desired book release. There is a lot to do even before writing the book is done. Are we going to get started? I'm ready.

Does your magazine lack energy -how about a new layout from me?

A creative boost with a new layout can make wonders and sell even more ads. I have several years of experience and I have room for one more magazine in my calendar.

Just as you can publish books online, you can also publish magazines e.g on issuu, which is a platform with potential.

Is your personal Brand in place? It is factual that customers buy more from people they know. Does your Brand lack a clear  expression? Then you won't pass me without any suggestions on adjustment! We want your project to succeed!

Your branding could be build via a magazine, that you share on social media etc.

With my DESIGN model, we create an overview of the tools that uniquely suits your marketing. We support your progress, while future updates must be your responsibility, because you're your own brand best.

Online Marketing is a mix of visibility and great deals for your customers!

Are your favorite customers online? Then you have to be there too! Many goes online from both portable, tablet and computer; and friends follow each other on the many social media. Your marketing should therefore also be visible and recognizable on these platforms!

When online we enjoy the search features on Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. Often some few keywords are usually enough to find what we're looking for. It's therefore important to work with good keywords for your products and offers, so that you too get found and your customers can get in touch with you and buy your products.

In our consultancy business, we secure your data. We always suggest secure online solutions that protect you and your data! For it can be fatal to get visits by hackers and data pirates. This is happening quickly and unfortunately daily, even to the biggest companies - but few admit it.

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