SEO is an important mix of branding, security and strategies!

Who should "find" you when they search online? If you talk about SEO (Search Engine Optimizing) it's the advanced technology where we with just a few "keywords" in a search, find what we are looking for.

For your website and marketing to work, you must both make sure that your content is of good quality, but also technically can meet at least 15 of the first 200 specified requirements from Google, otherwise your website will be flagged and even paid ads are wasted money.

Which of the social media does your customers use? You have to be there, too. With Paid Advertising Online, you can put your offers in front of the right people, but it requires a big budget (min $2000 a month). You can also choose to communicate on some of the many platforms you probably use yourself. It's called Organic Marketing, here it more takes your time. We can help you with strategies for both.

We look at your IT security, to secure you, your data, and our business as well.

Are you a writer and want to self publish your book? You're at the right place!

Let me  do all the graphic design, both on  cover and content, so that your book can be physically printed as a paperback or hardcover version and possibly as e-book, depending on which strategy you choose.

I deliver the files to your for your preferred printing service if you have one, and I can support you in the dialoge if needed. I also work with POD platforms (Print On Demand). Where as the book is only printed after being ordered and paid. You no longer need to tying a lot of money into a large printed edition, just for publishing your book.

I recommend platforms like IngramSpark and BookOnDemand but can also counter others. POD gives you great opportunity for online and global marketing to taget other markets and languages.

It’s good to embark 12 months prior to a desired book release. There’s a lot you can do even before the book is written. Are you ready to get started? Well, let’s get on

Does your magazine lack energy -how about a new layout?

A creative boost for your editors can be done with a new layout, which can even cause selling more ads! Maybe you can settle for a smaller re-design. I also offer to design the ads.

I deliver the finished layout as a print file that you send to your commercial printing service. You could consider an electronic publications such as at ISSUU.

Your branding must be in place for you to be easily recognizable to your audience. Your message must be clear, otherwise you confuse more than you sell. Facts are that customers first buy from people when they feel familiar.

When I mentor in marketing we use a model that takes you all the way around, looking at your customer, communication and your KEYWORDS, which are necessary elements when you are online.

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